EPIC Affiliate, SOS, Rolls Out Distribution Operations Training Program

SOS International
Monday, April 2, 2018

SOS Intl (SOS) announces the launch of a new distribution operations training program specific to control center employees. This comprehensive, online program focuses on the technical concepts of modern electric power distribution design, equipment, and operations.

The training program is comprised of two levels. Level one includes basic distribution, electrical safety, and the fundamentals of system protection. Information such as introductory terminology, design and resource planning, protection, emergency operations, and regulatory and grounding design concepts are presented. Level two focuses on advanced distribution concepts which includes distribution reliability, power quality, planned maintenance and test equipment, and smart grid systems. Students learn about methods to improve service reliability, monitoring and analysis equipment, facility inspections, and distribution management systems.

“New technologies such as Distributed Energy Resources and electric vehicles, and new regulations for open access are changing the way our distribution systems are designed and operated.  As a result, distribution system operations are becoming more complicated. We need to make sure our operators are trained better than ever to monitor and operate our distribution systems,” said Rocky Sease, Owner and CEO at SOS.

The training program is appropriate for all audiences and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of the electric power system or its principles.

Sease said, “For 15 years, SOS has prepared system operators of the US Bulk Power System to pass the NERC certification exam. So, we used our years of experience to develop training specific to distribution operations. We feel this training allows control center employees to get up to speed quickly, which reduces the training burden for many utilities.”

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, SOS is a leading provider of training and advisory services to the power industry. SOS rigorously tracks and interprets NERC Reliability Standards and expertly translates them into customized education and advisory services, helping to manage risk and ensure reliability for the North American power grid.