Laboratories Overview

Duke Energy Smart Grid Laboratory

The Duke Energy Smart Grid Laboratory hosts a real-time data system simulator (RTDS), phasor measurement units and a host of simulation software packages and hardware equipment used to analyze and visualize system grid conditions for distribution and transmission networks.

EPIC HighBay Laboratory

The EPIC HighBay Laboratory tests resilient infrastructure for the energy industry.  Equipped with a 92-foot by 47-foot strong floor and two 30-ton cranes, the lab has capability to perform standard infrastructure tests and those that require an advanced equipment test facility.

Framatome Power Systems Teaching Laboratory

The Framatome Teaching Laboratory is an interactive educational facility for experiments covering basic electromagnetic principles and the operation, control and protection of electrical power systems. Equipment includes electromagnetic trainers, reconfigurable motors and generators, electronic motor drives, and systems to simulate protection of transmission lines, busbar systems, motors and generators.

Flexible Energy Laboratory
Siemens Large Manufacturing Laboratory

The Siemens Large Manufacturing Laboratory includes a temperature controlled high-bay space with capability for handling large components. Planned major equipment includes a large 5-axis machining center, a large coordinate measuring machine and laser trackers. The Flexible Energy Laboratory at EPIC will offer a secure environment to conduct standard compliance as well as functional performance testing of power and energy systems.This laboratory provides a test and pre-certification environment for low voltage equipment.

Photovoltaic Technology Research Laboratory
Renewable Power Laboratory

The Renewable Power Laboratory is a world-class laboratory at EPIC that will be equipped with state of art instrumentation and power infrastructure. Focused on de-risking technologies associated with renewable power systems and energy storage, this laboratory complements the work presently done in Duke Energy Smart Grid Laboratory and Flexible Energy Laboratory in the near future. The Photovoltaic Technology Research Laboratory fosters the science and engineering of solar energy to produce more low-cost and efficient solar cells. The production laboratory equipment includes a RTP2 rapid thermal belt furnace, an in-line diffusion furnace and a screen printing system. The production lab is able to fabricate solar cells using the exact same methods as industry.