Flexible Energy Laboratory

The Flexible Energy Laboratory at EPIC offers a secure environment to conduct standard compliance as well as functional performance testing of power and energy systems.

This laboratory provides a test and pre-certification environment for low voltage equipment. Designed by Parker Hannifin, the lab supports four bays, each capable of supplying 2MW power at voltages up to 690Vac, 1000Vdc. With KEMA’s help, the test capabilities include compliance testing for IEEE and UL standards such as IEEE 1547 and UL 1741. Common tests the lab performs are anti-islanding testing and low voltage and zero voltage ride through. Functional performance tests include efficiency and accelerated tests for reliability. The Flexible Energy Lab also includes designs of a high voltage area for testing cables, transformers and other high voltage equipment. With help from ABB, focusing on standards such as IEC 60840, IEC 620067, AEIC-CS-9, and ICEA-S108-720, this laboratory offers infrastructure to conduct water penetration tests, impulse type tests, corrosion tests, dielectric tests, tension/elongation tests, hot set and hot creep tests and HALT tests.

For a virtual tour of the Flexible Energy lab, click here.