EPIC Energy Seminar: North Carolina Clean Energy Plan

October 16, 2019 - 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM

During the Fall and Spring semesters, EPIC presents the Energy Seminar Series with speakers from around the region. These experts share valuable information and their insight into trends and news that are related to energy. Seminars are free and are open to students, faculty, industry partners, and friends of EPIC, and pizza is provided. Space is limited, so please be sure to register to attend.


Executive Order No. 80 acknowledges North Carolina’s leadership in technology innovation, research and development, and skilled workforce to promote clean energy technology solutions.  It calls for market innovations that drive economic expansion and job creation to produce a smart, resilient, and a modern electric grid while balancing reliability, cost, economic growth, equity, and environmental and public health impacts.

Executive Order No. 80 charged the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to collaborate with businesses, industries, power providers, technology developers, North Carolina residents, local governments, and other interested stakeholders to increase the utilization of clean energy technologies, energy efficiency measures, and clean transportation solutions.  DEQ delivered the Clean Energy Plan to the Governor in October 2019.   

In preparing this plan, DEQ used an open and inclusive process that solicited stakeholder input and developed a series of policy, regulatory, administrative, and program recommendations that achieve the intended vision. This plan will be a “living” document that provides a roadmap for pursuing our collective vision.  It can be revisited periodically as advancements in technology occur, implementation costs are reduced, and policies and regulatory actions are taking effect.


Sushma Masemore, PE, is the NC Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment and oversees the Energy Group and leads DEQ's efforts in implementing Governor Cooper's Executive Order (EO) on Climate Change and Clean Energy. Masemore has 28 years of federal, state, and industrial experience in air pollution engineering. She began her career designing control equipment and moved to environmental consulting, where she collaborated with business groups, technology developers, and energy companies to deploy promising environmental technologies. In January 2018, DEQ Secretary assigned Masemore to serve as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Environment. In this role, Sushma is working to bring clean energy solutions and sustainable practices to North Carolina businesses, citizens, and government operations. Sushma has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer.


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