EPIC Energy Seminar: Leading Sustainable Energy Innovation in an Uncertain World

March 28, 2017 - 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM

Disrupt or Be Disrupted: Leading Sustainable Energy Innovation in an Uncertain World
Speaker:  Dr. Bartosz Wojszczyk
Assistant Director and Research Professor, EPIC

UNC Charlotte

A clean, secure and cost effective supply of energy is essential for the future of economic growth and enablement of a sustainable society. To effectively address the future, we need to face the on-going paradigm shift in the areas of new customer services to be provided by nontraditional competition; electricity price affordability based on socio-economic diversity; distributed and flexible demand and supply requirements reducing dependency on traditional utility business models; environmental pressure, and many others. The complexity of these changes require a new way of thinking about business, technology and customer innovation across the entire value chain; that means, “step-change/disruptive” and integrated approaches unlocking X-factor performance at a fraction of the cost. During this seminar, Dr. Wojszczyk will address practical aspects of: Global industry disruptive and innovation trends forcing a “new normal” for energy stakeholders; Non-traditional competition and start-up ecosystems that will potentially change (and/or are currently changing) the energy landscape; How disruptive trends are changing existing (regulated) utility business models.; Customer engagement strategies for utilities to stay relevant in the “new normal”; and Global examples of disruptive/innovative businesses and technologies. 

About the Speaker
Bartosz Wojszczyk, Assistant Director and Research Professor for EPIC at UNC Charlotte, is an accomplished c-level executive, investor, entrepreneur, visionary and innovation spokesperson with over 23 years of global experience working for GE, Accenture, First Pacific, Quanta Services, Legrand, etc. and managing businesses with revenue totaling $2 Billion annually. He brings a depth and breadth of experience in the areas of: corporate management; international P&L operations; agile and open innovation; hyper growth and unregulated business strategy; BD; M&A; VC/PE business and technology due diligence; technology RD&D; energy design & engineering; new technology due diligence & rapid prototyping; advanced protection & automation; smart grid; AMI; smart city; clean-tech; OT/IT; software integration; big data; Internet of Things and transactive energy. Bartosz serve as an executive advisor to 6 start-ups. He is a Board Member for Internet of Everything (IoE) Consortium in Asia and Adjunct Scientist Principle at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and has co-authored 3 books, over 30 papers and 7 international reports. He is an active member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society, IEEE-USA Energy Policy Committee, IEEE Artificial Intelligence Committee. He serves as Technical Program Chair of IEEE Energy Development & Power Generation Committee and Chair of IEEE International Practices Subcommittee. He is past-secretary of the IEEE Distributed Generation & Energy Storage Subcommittee.