Energy and Environment Research Cluster

The primary objective of the Energy and Environment cluster is to help the energy industry with sustainable management of their emissions. These emissions include municipal solid waste (MSW) leachate, green house gases, coal combustion residuals such as fly ash, wastewater produced from the flue-gas desulfurization (FGD), and fluids generated during the natural gas fracking process. The current and recently completed projects have focused on stabilizing moisture in wet fly ash to improve strength and transport, sequestration of halides in the FGD wastewater by in-situ mixing with other combustion by-products, use of sensors to measure moisture in fly ash in disposal facilities and quantify field water balance, ground water modeling to evaluate migration of constituents from disposal operations, MSW leachate management using plants, and bromide removal from power plant wastewater and onsite reuse of bromide for mercury control.

Projects in this cluster are funded by private sector companies, non-profit foundations, and government entities. Development and licensing of IP are anticipated as one of the key outcomes of the projects.


The Energy and Environment Research Cluster will build collaborations while developing and demonstrating technologies.


Cluster Team