Energy Concentrations

There are various ways students can get involved in energy education. For undergraduates, select departments within the William States Lee College of Engineering collaborated with EPIC to develop energy concentrations. At the graduate level, energy concentrations exist within the College of Engineering as well as the Belk College of Business. These concentrations develop highly sought-after energy professionals who are more marketable and adaptable to the changing marketplace for engineers.


Undergraduate Education

Civil and Environmental Engineering

B.S.C.E. with Concentration in Energy Infrastructure Civil and Environmental Engineering students can apply for the Concentration in Energy Infrastructure after their freshman year. Concentration students must complete the following core courses:

  • CEGR 4122 Power Plant Design
  • CEGR 4246 Energy and the Environment
  • ECGR 2161 Basic Electrical Engineering I
  • MEGR 3111 Thermodynamics

Additionally, students must complete at least one course from the following electives:

  • CEGR 4090 Air Pollution
  • CEGR 4108 Finite Element Analysis and Applications
  • CEGR 4121 Prestressed Concrete Design
  • CEGR 4146 Advanced Engineering Hydraulics
  • CEGR 4162 Transportation Planning
  • CEGR 4182 Transportation Environmental Assessment
  • CEGR 4222 Structural Steel Design II
  • CEGR 4226 Reinforced Concrete Design II
  • CEGR 4247 Sustainable Design

For more information contact Dr. Bill Saunders at or see the Civil and Environmental Engineering website.

Electrical Engineering

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree may choose to add a concentration in Power and Energy Systems. The plan of study for the BSEE with a Concentration in Power and Energy Systems is similar to the BSEE plan of study with two primary exceptions:

  • All BSEE students are required to complete Technical Elective courses, usually during the junior and senior year. Students pursuing the BSEE with a Concentration in Power and Energy Systems are required to enroll in approved Power and Energy Technical Electives only.
  • During the senior year, Power and Energy Systems Concentration students must complete an intensive, two-semester energy-related senior design project.

Furthermore, students in the Concentration are strongly encouraged to take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam prior to graduation.

If you are interested in declaring the Power and Energy Systems Concentration, please contact Mrs. Jerena McNeil-Griffin, ECE's Undergraduate Student Services Specialist, to complete the necessary form.

Students must enroll in the following prerequisite courses:

  • ECGR 3142: Electromagnetic Devices
  • ECGR 3112: Systems Analysis II

Students must enroll in the following Power and Energy courses in order to earn the concentration:

  • ECGR 4141 – Power Systems Analysis I

Concentration Technical Elective Courses (6 hours) - Select two of the following:

  • ECGR 4104 – Computational Methods in Power Systems
  • ECGR 4113 -- Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems
  • ECGR 4123 – Analog and digital Communication
  • ECGR 4142 – Power Systems Analysis II
  • ECGR 4143 – Electrical Machinery
  • ECGR 4144 – Power Electronics I
  • ECGR 4151 – Solar Cell Fundamentals and Technology
  • ECGR 4171 – Introduction to Energy Systems
  • ECGR 4172 – Energy Markets
  • ECGR 4190 -- Power Generation Operation and Control
  • ECGR 4191 – Dynamic and Transient Analysis of Power Systems

****Additionally, during the senior year, Power and Energy Systems Concentration students must complete an intensive, two-semester energy-related senior design project. For more information contact Dr. Asis Nasipuri at****

Mechanical Engineering

B.S.M.E. with Energy Engineering Concentration Students may apply to the Energy Engineering Concentration in Mechanical Engineering after successfully completing their third semester with a GPA of at least 3.0. Application for the concentration takes place during the semester that the student is enrolled in MEGR 2499 Energy Engineering Clinic I.   For the concentration, students take the additional survey course in energy MEGR 2499, as well as focus their four technical electives and senior design project in the area of energy. Students must take four approved energy technical electives, which include:

  • MEGR 3210 Automotive Power Plants
  • MEGR 3214 Refrigeration and A/C
  • MEGR 3225 Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
  • MEGR 3282 Statistical Process Control and Metrology
  • MEGR 3451 Stationary Power Plant Systems
  • MEGR 3452 Introduction to Nuclear Engineering
  • MEGR 3094 Sustainable Energy Production
  • MEGR 3094 Turbomachinery 
  • MEGR 3094 Clean coal technology
  • PHYS 4110 Nuclear physics

During the senior year, energy engineering students enroll in MEGR 3455/3456 Energy Engineering Clinic II/III and complete an intensive, two-semester energy-related engineering project. These clinic courses are equivalent to Senior Design I/II in the BSME plan of study. For more information contact Dr. Kevin Lawton at, or see the Academic Plan of Study for the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering or the Mechanical Engineering website.

Systems Engineering

B.S.S.E. with an Energy Systems Concentration Students elect a concentration at the end of their sophomore year and then take energy systems related courses in the junior and senior years. Energy Systems Concentration students take the following four courses:

  • SEGR 4961 Introduction to Energy Systems
  • SEGR 4962 Energy Markets
  • SEGR 4963 Energy Systems Planning
  • SEGR 4964 Case Studies in the Energy Industry

In addition to the above concentration courses, students can take energy-related electives from other departments per approval by their advisor.   For more information contact Dr. Michael Ogle at or see Systems Engineering website.