Research Clusters

Energy Analytics and Markets Research Cluster

The mission of this cluster is to provide leadership in areas related to the forecasting, optimization, trading and economics of energy.

  • Big Data Energy Analytics Laboratory (BigDEAL)
  • Distributed energy markets, analytics and operational research
  • Quality Assurance, Nuclear Safety, Regulatory, Policy and Standards
  • Cyber and Physical Security of power systems
  • Improved supply chain utilization
  • Research Cluster Members

Lead: Dr. Badrul Chowdhury,

Energy and Environment Research Cluster

This cluster solves environmental energy generation and transmission problems related to the protection and cleanup of groundwater, measurement and improvement of physical and chemical properties of soils and waste, and wastewater treatment.

  • Beneficial utilization and recycliung of waste streams
  • Spent fuels, coal ash, air quality, fracking fluids and water management
  • Materials Characterization Laboratory (MCL)
  • Research Cluster Members

Lead: Dr. Milind Khire,

Large Power Component Design and Manufacturing Research Cluster

This cluster will advance the state-of-the-art in both the theory and practice of precision manufacturing at large scale by implementing:

  • Siemens Large-scale Manufacturing Solutions Laboratory
  • Large Component Metrology
  • Robotics and Welding Technologies
  • Research Cluster Members

Lead: Dr. John Ziegert,

Power Infrastructure and Environmental Development  Research Cluster

Utilizing the resources of  EPIC's High-Bay Structures Laboratory, this cluster performs large-structures reserach on transmission and distribution designs, and materials characterization and development.

Lead: Dr. David Young,

Grid Modernization Research Cluster

Containing the Duke Energy Smart Grid Labortatory, this cluster performs reserach to improve distribution automation, micro-grids and energy storage intergration.

  • Duke Energy Smart Grid Laboratory – NSF MRI
  • Electric Vehicle and Energy Storage Integration
  • Distribution Automation and Microgrids
  • Research Cluster Members

Lead: Bartosz Wojszczyk,

Renewables and Energy Efficiency Research Cluster

Research in this cluster includes off-shore wind, biomass and small-scale hydro technologies, integration of renewables, and photovoltaic cell and LED research.

  • Photovoltaic Technology Research Laboratory
  • Clean-rooms with PV cell, module, inverter and LED process manufacturing
  • Off-shore wind, biomass and small-scale hydro technologies
  • Integration of renewables and energy efficiency measures  
  • Research Cluster Members

Lead: Dr. Ed Stokes,

Transportation Energy Research Cluster

Research in this cluster engages the passenger and freight transportation industry to provide solutions in the context of workforce development, research and testing, and infrastructure improvement.

  • Innovative Rail Technology Park
  • Hands-on education on power sources for rail transportation
  • Engage high school students and the public in promoting sustainable, carbon-neutral and carbon-free transportation energy applications
  • Research Cluster Members

Lead: Dr. Shen-En Chen,