EPIC Staff Contacts

Yamilka Baez

Yamilka Baez-Rivera

Duke Energy Smart Grid Lab Manager
EPIC 1239
Office Ext: 76161
Email: ybaezriv@uncc.edu

Lori Brown

Grants and Contract Manager
EPIC 1228
Fax: 704-687-1819
Office Ext: 70568
Email: LoriBrown@uncc.edu

David Causey

David Causey

EPIC Assistant Director, Outreach
EPIC 1150
Fax: 704-687-1819
Office Ext: 70913
Email: fcausey@uncc.edu

Large Energy Component Design & Manufacturing, Renewables & Energy Efficiency

Somasundaram Essakiappan

Somasundaram Essakiappan

EPIC Teaching Professor and Duke Energy Suite Power Labs Manager
Email: somasundaram@uncc.edu

New power electronic topologies and distributed controls for sustainable power and DER high-penetration scenarios, switching power supplies, energy storage, and medium frequency transformers

Beverly Guessford

Executive Assistant to Director
EPIC 1221
Fax: 704-687-1819
Office Ext: 71669
Email: bguessfo@uncc.edu

Chris Hardin

Christopher Hardin

Managing Director and Industry Liaison, CALM
Email: chardi19@uncc.edu

Energy & Environmental, Energy Analytics & Markets

Christina Kopitopoulou

Christina Kopitopoulou

Affiliates Program Manager
EPIC 1150
Fax: 704-687-1819
Office Ext: 71933
Email: ckopitop@uncc.edu

Julia Stuart Martin

Assistant Director, Marketing
EPIC 1227
Fax: 704-687-1819
Office Ext: 75614
Email: jstuart5@uncc.edu

Robin Miracle

Robin Miracle

Administrative Assistant
Fax: 704-687-1819
Office Ext: 78897
Email: rmiracl1@uncc.edu

Robin Moose

Business Officer
EPIC 1220
Fax: 704-687-1819
Office Ext: 71813
Email: rmoose2@uncc.edu

Y Park

Youngjin Park

High Bay Lab Manager, EPIC Engineer and Faculty Associate
EPIC 2424
Email: y.park@uncc.edu

Geotechnical engineering with emphasis on laboratory and field experimentation, sensors and instrumentation for short- and long-term monitoring

Katherine Weaver

Materials Characterization Laboratory Manager
Cameron 249
Email: kweaver@uncc.edu

MCL Manager, Materials & Thermal Analysis Research

Bartosz Wojszczyk

Assistant Director
Email: bwojszcz@uncc.edu

Grid Modernization

David Young

David Young

Interim Director
EPIC 1224
Fax: 704-687-1819
Office Ext: 71241
Email: dyoung@uncc.edu

Power Infrastructure & Environmental Development, Renewables & Energy Efficiency