Bartosz Wojszczyk

Assistant Director

Grid Modernization

Bartosz is an accomplished c-level executive, investor, entrepreneur, visionary and innovation spokesperson with over 22 years of global experience working for utilities, academia, start-ups and Fortune 500 companies (GE, Accenture, First Pacific, Quanta Services, Legrand, etc.) with revenue totaling $2 Billion annually.

Bartosz brings a depth and breadth of experience in the areas of: corporate management; international P&L operations; agile and open innovation; hyper growth and unregulated business strategy; BD; M&A; VC/PE business and technology due diligence; technology RD&D; energy design & engineering; new technology due diligence & rapid prototyping; advanced protection & automation; smart grid; AMI; smart city; clean-tech; OT/IT; software integration; big data; Internet of Things and transactive energy.

Bartosz is a founder of Decision Point Global that invests in and delivers on big ideas through unique and step-change technology innovation and rapid commercialization at the highest possible return and the lowest possible risk and cost

Bartosz serve as an executive advisor to 6 start-ups. He is a Board Member for Internet of Everything (IoE) Consortium in Asia, Adjunct Professor at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte, USA and Adjunct Scientist Principle at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore.

Bartosz has co-authored over 30 papers and 3 books. He is an active member of the IEEE Power & Energy Society and IEEE-USA Energy Policy Committee. He serves as Technical Program Chair of IEEE Energy Development & Power Generation Committee and Chair of IEEE International Practices Subcommittee. He is past-secretary of the IEEE Distributed Generation & Energy Storage Subcommittee.