About the High-Bay Structures Laboratory

The High-Bay Structures Laboratory was built in 2012 in the EPIC building to provide an advanced research center for the design and construction of resilient infrastructure. Faculty and students can conduct research and assist industry partners improve material designs and create new innovative infrastructure solutions for a variety of industries.

The idea behind of the high-bay and the supporting labs is to provide a one stop shop for industry partners. These labs can assess, create, modify, test, and verify a variety of materials from the molecular level to a scalable model in multi-scenario simulations.

The research conducted in the high-bay range from projects sponsored by the NC and U.S. Departments of Transportation, Department of Energy, EPRI, NSF, and proprietorial research for private companies in North Carolina and abroad.  High-bay lab researchers and EPIC associates have experience supporting industry from within the university as well as others who have worked for many years in industry.

The high-bay structures laboratory is equipped with a strong wall and strong floor that support the test structures.  See the Capabilities and Equipment page for equipment details.