EPIC Vision Helps Bring Accolades to SIEMENS, Winner of the 2013 Jerry Award

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Once international energy powerhouse SIEMENS rolled into Charlotte in 1999, the company made a long-term commitment to get engaged with local workforce development for the energy sector.  At its annual awards ceremony on May 16, the Charlotte Regional Partnership honored SIEMENS with the prestigious 2013 Jerry Award for private sector leadership in economic development, recognizing the company's crucial role in the growing success Charlotte now enjoys as a vital hub of the global energy industry.  A significant and early backer of EPIC, SIEMENS provided generous financial support to building state-of-the-art research labs and providing on-going investment in student scholarships. To learn more about the involvement of SIEMENS in advancing the EPIC mission, watch the video which features comments from EPIC Director Johan Enslin and other local education leaders about the many contributions of SIEMENS to career training for the energy field.