AREVA Power Systems Education Laboratory

The AREVA Power Systems Teaching Laboratory provides students hands-on learning tools that teach the many properties of electric generation and use. Researchers conduct experiments ranging from the principles of basic electromagnetism to the integration of renewable power systems into the grid.
The 17 work stations in the lab include test benches to teach power system components, transformers, protection, control,SCADA, electronic motor drives, power electronics and electrical machines. The lab's hardware was provided by Lucas NĂ¼lle and Feedback Systems. The main financial supporters ofthe lab are AREVA and the State of North Carolina.

This lab is located in the UNC Charlotte Energy Production and Infrastructure (EPIC) building.

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Lab Equipment:

Simulation & Testing Capabilities:


Electromagnetic trainers Interactive power system education
Reconfigurable motors and generators Interactive drives and power electronics
Electronic motor drives Traditional and renewable generation
Systems to simulate protection of transmission lines, busbar systems, motors and generators Transmission and distribution emulator
  Power electronics and drives
  Energy storage and fuel cells
  T&D Protection & SCADA
  Smart energy meters