EPIC Affiliates

About EPIC Affiliates Program
In early 2016 the Energy Production and Infrastructure Center (EPIC) with input from its External Advisory Board initiated the EPIC Affiliates Program (AP), a membership program for existing and prospective industry and government partners that wish to collaborate with EPIC.  AP aims to enhance energy workforce development by supporting education and experiential learning opportunities, provide a structure for sharing opportunities and resources with EPIC AP members for R&D and technology development, and provide opportunities for Affiliates to network, share ideas, and collaboratively develop business opportunities. As AP grows, its secondary objective is to assure a long-term supplemental revenue stream for EPIC to accomplish its mission. 

The EPIC Affiliates Program (AP) is composed of representatives from corporations (“members”) who have purchased membership into the program. Members will benefit from EPIC’s core capabilities in developing focused energy solutions in technology, workforce development and preferred access to students with an energy concentration. It also assures a long-term revenue stream for EPIC to accomplish its mission, which includes technology, workforce and economic development. Specific deliverables to a member company will depend on its level of membership. The major roles of the AP members will be:

  • Advise the EPIC External Advisory Board (EAB) regarding EPIC’s research activities using AP funding.  
  • Have preferred access to students for internships, co-ops, recruiting and employment.
  • Have preferred access to EPIC events and networking opportunities.
  • Have  preferred access to EPIC labs and R&D activities.

Mission & Vision
EPIC AP’s mission and vision is to bring together industry, students, faculty and research experts in disciplines of electrical and computer, civil and environmental, mechanical, and systems engineering, all under one group. This synergy will drive new advancements in the energy fields as it educates a new generation of engineering professionals. EPIC AP’s long-term mission is to provide a supplemental long-term revenue stream to EPIC to help realize its mission.

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